Straighteners Damage

hair straightener

Women generally seek to show their hair in a distinctive and attractive way, as they style it in several ways, including curly, dropped, and raised, and they seek to buy many machines that help in styling hair without paying attention to the fact that it may harm the hair and cause it to be split and fall off, and in this article we will talk about Hair Iron Damages, How To Use It Correctly, Common Errors When Using It, Tips About Using It, In addition To How To Choose The Right Hair Iron.

Hair Iron Damages

  • It caused the hair to break loose significantly.
  • Helps hair fall.
  • The hair was damaged due to its high temperature.
  • It can sometimes cause hair follicles to burn while not being used properly.

How to use the hair straightener in the correct way

  • We wash the hair thoroughly with water and shampoo, then dry it with a dry towel until the excess water is absorbed from it.
  • We apply a moisturizing cream or hair oil like coconut oil.
  • Comb the hair well with a wide-toothed comb.
  • Dry the hair with an electric dryer, and make sure to dry it completely with water.
  • We operate the hair straightener at a low temperature so that it does not cause hair breakage.
  • Divide the hair into several equal strands, then wrap each strand with a hair clip.
  • We start gently and carefully cauterizing the hair so that it does not break off.
  • We pass the straightener over the hair strands so that we can perfectly straighten it.
  • After we finish spreading the hair, we put oil on the hair, or we put it fixed on it to ensure its stability.
  • Moisturizing cream can be applied to tuft of hair to avoid frenzy.

Common mistakes when using a hair straightener

  • Use it when the hair is wet, exposing the hair to damage and split ends.
  • Begin to iron hair from the roots, and thus to hair loss and split.
  • Tighten the hair with a strong hair clip.
  • Using a narrow toothed comb, and this leads to hair being tangled together.
  • Using the iron over a very high temperature, and thus lead to burning hair follicles.
  • Apply water to the hair after straightening it.
  • Not using moisturizing oils and creams after straightening the hair.
  • Not washing the hair well when using the iron, and thus the appearance of an unpleasant smell to it, as it impedes the hair straightening as required.