5 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair


So first of all, I’m starting off by brushing through my hair then I’m gonna take a little comb please ignore this piece of hair I have at the front it doesn’t know where it wants to go then, I’m just giving myself a middle parting and putting the top half of my hair up in a clip never my friends should you forget your heat protectant spray whether you’re straightening curling I don’t care protect your hair then I’m just going to straighten at the entire bottom layer of my hair I like to section it off because I feel like it makes it more thorough rapunzel rapunzel let down your hair then I’m gonna do exactly the same with the top layer well you all know how to straighten out hair the point I’m trying to make is you can have it neat and tidy or you can add some dry shampoo and mess it up a little bit that’s how I tend to wear it flip it upside down judge it about Oh sometimes I like to put the top half up, so I’m just brushing it all in to the same direction tying it with a hair tie putting bits out of it to make it a bit messy I really like this it’s super cute and super easy.


Literally the bane of my life so for this next hairstyle I’m going to brush my hair and then use the pointy kiama to give myself a side parting not too far to the side we’re not going for 2010 vibes this hairstyle is kind of like an easier version of a waterfall braid sorry first, of all take the first section of your hair split it into three and begin a French braid on, this is difficult to explain, but instead of threading the piece of hair closest to your ear into the braid you’re going to take that piece of hair out and put it elsewhere I put it in my mouth it’s disgusting but it is easy and instead you’re gonna pick up a new piece of hair from underneath the braid every time you have a piece of hair that dangles down you should get a feel for which piece of hair that is put it out of your way and again pick up a new piece of hair then, you’ll be left with a braid looking like this I feel like if it explained that very badly I’m sure there’d be a better tutorial somewhere else on YouTube.


Next up we’re back to a middle part in but about halfway down my head, I brush my hair all backwards, this hairstyle is super easy I just feel like it makes it look so much neater so as you can see I’m just gathering all of the hair at the back of my head, and we’re gonna do a low ponytail I told you it was super easy but we are going to jazz it up a bit I always then take my hands place them gently on my head and push my hair forwards to mess it up I also pour little bits of hair out of the front of the hairstyle and then here she is a cute little headband to finish the look I thought this is really elegant really easy kind of gives me disney princess vibes.


This next hairstyle is very similar so again, I’ve brushed all my hair into the same direction, and then I’m just twirling my hair into a bun super simple taking a headband wrapping it around the bun and then I’m just taking a bobby pin to secure any of the rogue pieces I personally like this hairstyle to look a little bit neater okay. maybe this one is a bit more Disney Princess a girl can dream.


Next up I’m gonna flip my hair over there she goes I’ll whip my hair back and forth, and then I brush it all my hair into the same direction we’re gonna go for a high pony this time, so it’s much easier to do it upside down obviously when you secure your pony tail you can leave it you can have it neat some people prefer neat and tidy I’m just not really that kind of gal so again I mess it up I pull bits out and I think this looks a lot more casual.