3 Makeup Brands That Are Extremely Problematic


So morphe is an interesting one, because they seem to be a great company that’s all about working with influencers, but with a lot of the recent drama that’s come out about them, people are second-guessing their love for the brand. with all that’s come out people are accusing them of not caring about their quality, and just exploiting influencers to make a quick buck. one of the biggest scandals they are involved in right now has to do with the Jaclyn hill original pallets formula, being changed out of nowhere. and the biggest deal here is that with the new formula change, the pounds are no longer vegan. which is really really important to a lot of consumers. another thing shady about the company is that there’s a lot of speculation online that crown and morphe are the same company. one user wrote on reddit quote more fitas private labeling, that means they don’t create their own products, they buy products already created by another brand and put their name or logo on them with a few small changes of course. and if that’s true, that means that the formulas they claim to develop our bull, and you could be buying the same products from crown for much cheaper.

Color Pop

So color pop is generally beloved by its users, and for good reason as the company makes great makeup products that are very affordable. but the company’s had some sketchy things surrounding it, that have caused me to ask some questions. one wonder was when they released their sculpting sticks, and after customers realized their darkest shades were named typo and yikes, some call the company out for being disrespectful to its customers of color. there was also some controversy after the company was accused of selling contaminated lipsticks. some customers had issues with the lipsticks they received in their Disney collections, say that they had white fuzz hair and black dots on the exterior of the product. the funniest part about all this was this was all happening very shortly after Jacqueline Hills a lipstick gate that we all know about, so luckily for colour-pop everyone was too focused on Jacqueline to call him out.


Tart got in some huge drama when they released their shade line for their shape tape Foundation, which was a follow-up to their best-selling concealer. people were shocked and disgusted to learn that they were releasing 15 shades, but 90% of them were just various shades of white, well there were only two colors for women of color. one person that brought this to light for a lot of people including myself was Jeffrey stark. he actually called them out in his video full face of brands that hate me, when he said what we were all thinking and called the brand out for their embarrassing launch. the brand then quickly came out saying that this was not meant to be at the flowline, and they were intending on adding ten more shades as soon as possible, but people took that to be a lame excuse that made people of color and after thought, it was also even more upsetting to people because the concealer had a really good range of shades, and was pretty inclusive to everyone, so it’s really strange that they would make that decision with this line for an update the brand did keep its promise. and now there are tons of shades of the foundation, but something tells me most women of color probably still won’t be buying it in at.