Tips And Tricks For Makeup

Keep It Clean

One of the most common mistakes we all make is ignoring the cleanliness of our makeup applicators. once the product has built up in them, they won’t work so well and you won’t look your best.
They’ll also be breeding grounds for bacteria so it’s essential to keep your makeup brushes clean. a big high-five to everyone who already does this. but did you know that just using soap or shampoo don’t remove all the build ups in your makeup tools? this is particularly the case for creamy products like foundation and eyeliner. to be sure you’re really removing all traces of the previous product, use waterproof eye makeup remover. add several drops to the palm of your hands or into a cup. then take your
makeup brush and swirl it around in the solution. this will loosen old makeup. if your brush a good rinse under running water, and then swirl your brush in a drop of face wash to get rid of the makeup remover and old makeup. hold it under the tap herb final rinse, et voila- super clean brushes. if you want to be even more thorough, you could use a fine-tooth comb to comb through the brush too.

Color Correction

It’s natural to think that you need to choose a flush colored concealer that best matches your skin tone. but when it comes to concealer, it’s certainly not a case of one look fits all. color correcting concealers will help neutralize the parts of your face that come off a bit too red, or yellow, or purple. you’ll want a green color correcting concealer to camouflage red, and Ravinder to cancel out yellow. use orange e pink to conceal dark spots on dark skin tones, or yellow if you have olive or tan skin. pale pink conceals out blue toned areas on fair skin, while peach does the same for medium skin tones. as for when to apply a color corrector, it’s not the first thing that goes onto your face. you actually need to apply it after your foundation or tinted moisturizer. if you were to use a color corrector on a makeup free face, you’d need to use way more product. when it comes to how to apply it, you’re looking for a light touch. remember, you’re just covering up shadows, not trying to completely cover a bruise.

Conceal Dark Circles The Right Way

Does the skin under your eyes give away the fact that you haven’t had enough sleep? us to those dark circles are a telltale sign that you’re not getting your beauty sleep. you probably already know the best way to cover them up is with some concealer. but did you know the correct way to apply it to get a subtle and effective finish?
Most of us use concealer and a constant shade just underneath our eyes. and most of us, therefore, end up with obvious concealer lines across our faces, which actually draws attention to our eye bags.
Avoid that raccoon I’ll apply applying concealer in a deep V shape that stretches all the way down the side of your nose. rather than a little semicircle of concealers directly under your eye, think of a triangle shape, or piece of pie shape. this will even out your cheekbones too. don’t forget to bring the concealer right up into the inner eye area. this little arrow of concealer will draw attention towards your eyes themselves, rather than the dark circles beneath them. your concealer should go right up to the lash line, and then blend outwards to avoid a harsh edge.