Some hairstyles you will like


For this hairstyle, I’m using this curler which my hair up and using my heat spray I’m ashamed to say that I do wear a glove when I’m curling my hair I know I’m embarrassed but I burned myself so much then the first couple of pieces of hair that I curl towards the front of my face I always curl away from my face it’s a lot more flattering and it frames your face really nicely as you can see while I’m curling I’m purposely not curling the end of my hair, it’s just gonna give you a hair a slightly more casual finish as opposed to full glam bouncy curls and also as I slide the curler out, I’ll just hold the curl in my hand for a couple of seconds. let it cool and for me this helps my curls last longer and just like magic she’s all done then the only thing I do is run my fingers through my hair break the curls up a little bit and Bob’s your uncle.


This next hairstyle is a personal favorite of mine so as you can see I’m taking the front two sections of my hair and we’re going to leave them out sorry girls you’re not included then, I’m just taking a layer of hair behind those pieces and tying it into a little pony I think this is another hairstyle that frames your face really nicely it gives me ariana grande vibes.


So for this one you want a middle part in, and then you’re also going to create another party in about an inch away and you’re going to create this diagonally I’m gonna be honest, I’m not the best at this
hairstyle but it looks super pretty and it’s definitely one that I want to practice more, so here I’ve tied the bottom section of my hair to keep it out of the way and then the section of hair between the two Parthians and French braiding how’d you get to the back of your head, you could tie your French braids off with a little elastic that’s definitely what I would do if I did this hairstyle with straight hair but as my hair was curly this time I decided to carry the plat on because I thought a little plaque would look pretty amongst the curls although as you can see here my arms were aching by this point then you’re going to do exactly the same on the other side create a diagonal parting tie the bottom section of hair out of the way and create another little French braid French braids definitely get better with practice so if you’re struggling you can do it.


This is my most worn hairstyle at the minute so middle parting tying off one half of your hair this is how I do my two french braids, so first of all the front section of your hair you’re going to split into three pieces then imagine you’re braiding your hair every time you take a piece of hair from one of the edges you’re going to add a piece of hair to that section that you’re holding fold it over the middle piece and then imagine you’re taking a piece from the other side add a new piece of hair to it and then place that piece of hair over the middle keep going I’m still trying to get my French braid further around the back of my head it is difficult on yourself I would definitely say it would be easier to practice on someone else first and then once you’ve got the hang of it attempt it on yourself but trust me it took me a long time to get the hang of a French braid it’s not easy I hope I’ve explained that well but if you’re still unsure again I’m sure there’s lots of French braid tutorials on YouTube where they’ll explain it thoroughly and you might be able to see what they’re doing a little bit better. yeah these French braids were definitely not my best work.


So obviously first of all and taking out my braids but the thing you don’t want to do is run your fingers through your hair too much you don’t want to brush your hair after you do this because your hair is just going to turn into one big frizz ball I’ve added a little bit of dry shampoo and then I’m going to tie the top section of my hair up I do this because to be honest at the back of my head the hair at the root of my head isn’t usually very curly, so if I tie the top section up it kind of covers that and I think it looks really pretty especially from the back.