How to make hairstyles


Young and young girls of age love to make different hairstyles for each day of the week, which gives them a stylish and different look from its predecessor every time they do their hair differently, and what helps in this is the availability of many modern hairstyles that are easy to implement in Home without having to visit the hairdresser permanently, below is an explanation of how some hairstyles work

How To Make A Hairdo With A Bow

To make a bow, you must do the following steps:

  • The hair is thoroughly brushed from the roots to the ends to get rid of the knots and tangles between its tufts.
  • The hair in all its sides is attached to the middle of the head from the top, then it is demobilized from all regions in this direction.
  • Tie the hair in that area using a rubber strap tightly until the hairdo known as the ponytail has been obtained, leaving room in the elastic hair strap to wrap it around the hair again.
  • The straight section of hair is patted into a ponytail until it has fallen from all sides.
  • The hair is rewound again around the elastic band, but this time without being released from it, so that the hair pulled out from the elastic band is stopped when it approaches the tightening of its ends.
  • The hair that comes out of the elastic cord is divided into two equal halves, with each half heading towards one side of the lateral head, in order to take a shape close to the shape of the bow.
  • The remaining ends of the hair are raised straight upwards, then directed toward the back head area to the ends of the area between the ends of the bow, and the ends of the hair are fixed to the back with small hairpins.
  • The two parts of the hair that make up the bowl are brushed from the inside using a thin comb and a small tooth to increase their size, then spray the hair with hairspray for fixing the hairstyle for as long as possible.

How To Make A Hair Strand From Behind

 To make a pigtail from behind, you must follow these instructions:

  • The hair is released from the back to the top of the head by directing the head down.
  •  The hair at the front of the posterior hairline is divided into three equal parts in thickness, and then joined together as is the case when making a curl.
  •  It includes two new tresses of the lateral ends of the hair in the back of the head of the tress resulting from the formation of the first curl to complete the curl.
  • The previous step is repeated successively until the middle of the head is reached from the top.
  • Tie the curl of hair resulting from the work of the braid with a rubber band, and then wrapped around each other in the form of a bun and fixed with hairpins.