How To Care For Curly Hair

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Curly hair care

The most beautiful hair type is the kirli hair, but it is known for its need to care more than the gentle drop-down hair, as it is curled, pierled, and other problems, to care for and enjoy the distinctive texture of this hair, the following simple ways can be used:

  • Curly hair tends to dry more than gentle hair, so you can experience never having to brush it with shampoo, and only with conditioner.
  • Start by comb the bottom up the hair, to get rid of tangles without breaking the hair, and use a comb with wide teeth so that the curls do not move apart and curl. When you place the balm on it, place it from the last hair, up to the roots.
  • Do not dry the hair by drifying it with a towel, and an old shirt can be used as a towel, or gently stimulated with a towel without scrub.
  • When using hair products, it is recommended to apply some hair, and distribute them evenly over the hair so that they do not accumulate in one part of the hair.
  • Cut hair in layers, as the straight cut makes the frizz look distorted or flat.
  • Keep your hair moisturizing, by putting the conditioner on each section, leaving it for 5-10 minutes, and then rinsing it.
  • Use the Keratin Mask once a week; to keep your hair moist wet.
  • Dry the hair naturally in the air, without using the hairdryer, and when you have to dry it, the dryer can be set to minimum heat, and use the Diffusre, to distribute the heat better, and to maintain the correct texture of the sections.
  • When buying hair products, it is best to buy products from one brand, as these products are designed to work together.
  • Use curly controlled srum, as the srum is useful for curly hair, and only a few of it is placed.
  • Sleeping on a pillow of orchard is better than a cotton cloth cushion, to avoid wrinkling in the morning.
  • Cut the hair tips every 6-8 weeks to keep the hair healthy, cut dry, because when wet it is longer and dry it is reduced by 30%.
  • Keep your hair healthy inside by taking vegetables, fruits, proteins, and keeping your humidification through drinking water.