Best Most Beautiful Makeup

The most beautiful of the makeup

The most beautiful makeup is not exclusive to celebrities, and the secret in cosmetics is expensive, or the techniques few master, the most beautiful makeup can be applied at home, depending on healthy skin preservation, the use of appropriate products, and the use of the right foundation. This article will list the methods and methods of the most complete make-up.

How to make the most beautiful make-up

The makeup is not a face mask, but an innovative art, an extension of character expression, and simple methods can make a big difference in the final shape of the make-up, and the most beautiful make-up can be developed, following the following steps:

Skin preparation for make-up

This step is very important, makes it easier to make the make-up, saves time and effort from adjustments after making the make-up, and the fittings in order:

  • Clean the face with skin type facial wash; to remove fat and dirt.
  • Using toner after cleaning the face, place it on a cotton swab and place it on the face and neck, because it balances the acidity rate in the skin and the slander is thickening.
  • Moisturizing the skin with the skin type moisturizer, which is important in the application process; Because the moisturizer makes the skin smooth, make-up for the make-up.
  • Sunscreen placement; protects skin from signs of aging and from excessive pigments.

How to make the most beautiful make-up

After your skin is ready for make-up, this method can be used to make the most beautiful make-up, and the method is:

Required materials:

  • Primer.
  • Foundation and a color tone is chosen that matches the skin tone of the chest.
  • Liquid concealer; for light coverage, for large areas of the face such as under the eyes, and for small areas, compressed or pencil.
  • Red-spline, or bronze.
  • Powder.
  • Eye shadows, neutral color is preferred.
  • Eye Liner.
  • Mascara.
  • Lip red, or lip-curled.

Application Method:

Flawless baseline implementation step:

  • Start with the application of the pre-Noble, or so-called barbaremer.
  • The foundation then applies, with a few hands, and the use of the brush or sponge to apply it to the face, the jaw limits, and the neck. A low-defect brush can be used to cover stubborn defects.
  • Then apply the blemish, or so-called conciler, to cover the defects, stains, and black hales. A slightly lighter tone of natural skin color is recommended, and using the Conseiler brush, the Conseiler is placed under the eyes, shaped like a inverted triangle, immersed a few cosseeller on stains and other defects, and mixes the edges well so they blend seamlessly.
  • This step is optional, and is intended for fatty skin, using the appropriately-pressed judo with skin tone, applying the judo with the butterfly to the face and evenly distributing it to the face and neck.

Facial profile improvement step:

  • Start with the eye make-up, using a solution, drawing a line on the top waterline of the eye, and on the lower outer corner of the eye, avoiding harsh lines by smudging the solution with the merger brush.
  • Then you wrinkle the spray using the spray shroud, and apply the maskara.
  • Then, neutral shades of eyes can be applied.
  • To determine the appearance of the eyebrows, use the pen or product that matches the screen, make short strokes in the blanks, and then use the brush to combine what has been applied to the screen; To mix the screen evenly, then use the eyebrows to secure the screen, this step must be skipped in the screens where dark blanks are not normally present.
  • Now you can start with a red scratch application; for a fresh, healthy look, using a red scratch brush, applying it to the cheek apple, and not mixing.
  • The light powder is then applied under the bones of the eyebrows, on the bones of the cheekbone, and on the nose bridge.
  • To apply lip red, start with a moisturizer, select a skin-friendly lipid, heavy coverage uses lip red, and full coverage uses liquid lip red, or lip wax.